Well, that was a resounding win for Ritson’s Rejects which strengthens their lead at the top of the standings. They scored a magnificent 63.5 points (90%) which is quite frankly amazingly good. But everyone did really well, obviously a little easier than past quizzes. Most teams scored over 53 points, which would have been a winning score for the June and July quizzes. So well done to everyone. The quiz was not without its controversies and the occasional technical slip during the music round, as is normal. After due consideration and referral to the International Board of Pub Quizzes, Advisory Committee on Allowable Answers and The Issuing of Half Points, I have decided the following:

1: Both The Supremes and Diana Ross and the Supremes were acceptable answers.

2: The answer Gifts to the connections question involving Statue of Liberty, the Pandas and the Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is also acceptable. This decision is based on the Only Connect  precedent, in that whilst the program has a set answer for each question, sometimes the contestants come up with a valid alternative answer, or the question hasn’t been phrased in a precise enough manner.

3: I also gave .5 point for the answer murder for the musical connections question.

These decisions are binding and no appeals will be considered.

See you on 14th October for more lighthearted quizzing with the odd controversy thrown in.