Trowbridge Castle

Bitric did not keep his lands for long. They soon passed to one of King William’s followers, Edward of Salisbury, the Sheriff of Wiltshire, and then to Humphrey de Bohun when he married Edward’s daughter, Maud.

A rather fanciful impression of Trowbridge Castle, although recent evidence unearthed suggests that it may have been constructed from stone at some stage.

de Bohun established the Barony of Trowbridge and built a Motte and Bailey castle in order to consolidate his powerbase, and when Civil War erupted in England in 1139, the de Bohun family supported Empress Matilda in her claim against King Stephen.

Once peace was established, a successor of the de Bohun family, Henry, sought to capitalise on the economic development in Trowbridge, and he obtained, from King John in 1200, the right to hold a market and fair in Trowbridge. Such a grant was one of the first recorded in the country.