Hello fellow Mousehunters,

we’ve changed the mouse hunt a little bit. Instead of two separate mouse hunt sheets, we have combined the two into one sheet – you can still choose to do the Mini Mouse Hunt or the Big Mouse Hunt – and there is now just one certificate for both hunts. You can still be issued with a separate certificate for completing each mouse hunt, if you like.

We’ve changed it to make the Mini Mouse Hunt easier to complete – it clearly shows the area you need to search in – and also saves us considerable amounts of copying and paper. Kinder to you and kinder to the environment – aren’t we good? 

You can even download and print off your own copy and bring it in ready. Here’s a picture so you know what to expect.

Can you complete the mouse hunt at Trowbridge Museum

Our new Mouse Hunt sheet – Big Mouse Hunt and Mini Mouse Hunt in one handy, easy to use sheet – bit like Izal