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Developments continue with our ‘Onwards and Upwards’ project to expand and enhance the award winning Trowbridge Museum, located in the historic Home Mill within the Shires Shopping Centre.

Things have been progressing well with the Development Phase of the HLF project since we got our permission to start at the end of February this year. With the £100,000 grant from the HLF we have been busy appointing experts to help us get all the information we need to prepare our Round 2 application in May 2017 to obtain our really big grant.

Architecton, our architects from Bristol are working on architectural plans and other matters relating to the Museum building and its development.


Rachael Holtom was appointed as our Heritage Researcher on the 13th April. Her contract is for six months and she will be researching human stories relating to the Museum’s collections and the textile heritage in the town and uncovering any hidden tales too.


Focus Consultants have been appointed as consultants to prepare our Business Plan and Fundraise.They started in early May. These are important to help the Museum project through this stage and to secure its long term future.

Jane Toplis Consultants have been appointed as Access consultants. They also started in early May and will be looking at how people find the Museum, how they get into the building and how information is presented to them.

We will be interviewing for Audience Development and an Activity Plan consultants on Tuesday 24th May so watch this space…