*Please Note: Although the Museum is closed for the Onwards and Upwards redevelopment, all our educational workshops are available as Outreach sessions. These remain free to schools within the Town Council area.

Learning and Outreach team provide formal and informal learning opportunities for all ages and across a broad range of groups including Pre-schools, Schools and Colleges, Adults with Learning Difficulties, Home Schooled children, Lifelong Learners and Special Needs classes. Download our information leaflet. We are a small team of two staff, David Birks (Learning and Outreach Officer) and Nikki Ritson (Learning and Outreach Assistant) supported by a dedicated group of volunteers.

For more information on our school workshops go to Schools and for details of our reminiscence and adult sessions go to Lifelong Learning. If you are interested in learning about Trowbridge and the surrounding area go to Our History.