Turning wool into silk: the secret history of Tudor caps

Date: Saturday 7th September
Time: 10am-12.45pm or 2pm-4.45pm
Cost: £12
Location: Trowbridge Guide Hut, at the end of Park Road (by the entrance to Trowbridge Park)
Tutor: Dr Jane Malcolm-Davies

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In this workshop, we will be experimenting with techniques such as hammering (so this could get noisy!) used in Tudor times, to achieve the faux velvet finish which made the ubiquitous knitted cap so desirable back then. The techniques create a fabric soft to the touch, effectively turning the coarse wool into a silk-like fabric.

We will look at examples from original items, including magnified and microscopic views of the knitted stitches and yarn, to learn about the centuries of sheep that contributed to the cap’s iconic status.

If you knit, crochet or weave your own fabric you may also be able to transfer the techniques to your textiles. All materials will be supplied.

Book now via ticketsource

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Any adults with additional needs are very welcome to bring support, free of charge. If you require more information on the workshop please call us on 01225 751339 and we will happily advise.